Friday, June 18, 2010

Seems like I all do is wait. Wait to hear about school. Wait to get more information. Wait and see if I'll make the money needed. Wait on babies to come into our lives. Wait on our lives to be ready for babies. Wait, wait, wait.

Are we there yet?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where to even start?! Anniversary was great! We went to a lovely little hole in the wall Italian place in Eureka Springs, but to be honest, what I enjoyed most was the drive there, and getting lost!

I've been working a ton trying to save up money to buy health insurance because I GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOL!!!! There were 477 applicants and only 70 spots! I beat out over 400 other students! I will start August 23rd! Since I will be going full time Monday through Friday 8-5, I have to leave my sweet toddler boy in the hands of another nanny. It makes me so very sad and I actually cried when I found out I got into school because I knew it meant the end of my job here. I even tried to talk Matt into letting me put off nursing school for another year so that I could just stay with David until he goes to Montessori school next year. I wish they would just hire Matt so that I could still be involved in his life and they don't have to go through a lengthy interview process again. I've only mentioned it jokingly but I think I will make it clear that he will gladly take the job if it is offered to him.

Matt's birthday was yesterday. He's 24 now and feeling older. He claims this is his mid-20s now haha. I think he had a good birthday, although most of his celebrating came Saturday while we were in Central Arkansas visiting friends and family. My Nana moved to the renovated duplex next door so we helped with that move as much as we could. It hurt me to see her so sick and to see what an effect this last round of chemo has had on her. I had quite a few emotional breakdowns after leaving her presence. I saw my stepsister, Sarah, for the first time in a few years and she hasn't changed one bit at all. I made a hair appointment with my sweet (PREGNANT!) friend Cara to get my hair cut so that I could visit with her for a bit. Then it was all about Matt. We stopped by his parents house and then went to his friend Aaron's house where we stayed the night. I got talked into a crazy night with drinking and Waffle House so when we finally made it home at 6am, we crashed! Got up 4 hours later for more family visiting and then we left early the next morning to come back to NWA.

There are so many things I would like to talk about here but I it's just a bit outside my comfort level. Talk of meds and the state of my mind, my womb, my life. The more people who tell me they've read my blog, the more trouble I have being as honest and forthcoming as I'd like to be.

I hope we get to continue to add good news to the blog this coming summer.

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