Saturday, May 8, 2010

I won't apologize for all the sarcasm. It's needed to cope. Oh the fighting. It's so lovely. Adds just what I need after a week jam packed with school and work. I decided to spend my one free day cleaning my house and it was just too much to ask for Matt to do anything more than a few dishes. He was sitting on the couch on the computer while I vigorously swept the floor until I finally asked if he would go into another room so I wouldn't keep getting more and more pissed. Instead, he just left. Don't know where he went, and I honestly don't care. I got the house clean in peace so whatever.

Last night we had a good time with each other but once we got back home it seemed to dissipate back into silence and stolen glances. We just watch tv until I can barely keep my eyes open and then he bitches at me to go to bed so I don't fall asleep on the couch. How has this become my life? I feel like I step in this house and suddenly all my happiness is just sucked away.

The only plus side to all this is that I am losing weight because I have no appetite anymore. For once I'm not feeding my pain with food. It's the only silver lining I can find.


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