Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For Christmas, I bought Matt's best friend, Eric, a bus ticket from Conway to Rogers. Matt had absolutely no idea that he was coming and had totally failed to notice that I had finally got the guest room put together. Eric arrived Monday night while Matt was at work and so we surprised him at Barnes and Noble. Since there was so much snow, he got to close three hours early which was nice. After I bought the ticket, I told Matt he had to ask off for January 5th, 6th, and 7th but wouldn't tell him why. I kept teasing that I had bought a mail order bride. He was thrilled to see his friend and even happier to learn he got to spend all week with him. They have been watching movies, drinking, and playing video games; they've basically just been having lots of guy time.

The roads here are cleared and sandy but everything else is still covered in snow. Right as the sun went down, it started to mist here which was just enough to cover the roads in a nice sheet of ice for the evening. It's supposed to be yet another cold day here tomorrow as well.

I will actually get a chance to obsess this month in the hopes of starting the new year with two bright pink lines. Normally, we do a pretty good job of preventing but this month is was a very intentional decision. I just like getting to hold onto that little bit of hope since I don't get to every month. I don't know what I would do without MDC!!!

Also, I am very excited at the possibility of meeting real life friends in the Northwest Arkansas area who are like minded on natural parenting and natural childbirth. I might even get one of my doula certification births out of it if she ends up conceiving soon. I just want to maybe have a new friend!

I better get some sleep so I have the energy to chase a toddler around all day tomorrow. Hopefully we won't get any more snow and we can play outside for a bit longer than we got to on Tuesday.

What are some ways that you have met friends if you've ever had to move to a new place?


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