Monday, December 28, 2009

We spontaneously decided Thursday morning to make the 3 and a half hour trip home to Cabot and decided not to tell anyone we were coming. We had to drive through a ton of rain and while I was driving on some of the back roads we risked driving through some flooded roads. We stopped at my mom's first and she was quite surprised to see us. My grandpa Mike, her father, is staying at her house for Christmas too so he had expected to get to see me either. Next, we went to my dad's house and just walked right in. My step mom, Dawn, had gone to the grocery store about an hour earlier so he thought it was her coming back home and didn't think anything about hearing someone walk in. He was very glad to see us and I had a nice time curling up with him on the couch to watch a bit of television before we decided to head over to Nana's. My dad showed me the way he knocks on her door so we got to surprise her without scaring her too much. After letting her know that we would be staying there, we drove up to see Matt's parents for a bit. We hit a bunch of water on the freeway and almost got into a wreck because of the stalled traffic. I am so very glad we got to see our family again, especially getting to see Nana and how happy our visit made her. We are hoping she will get to come up and stay with us for a few days this next month.

I was supposed to watch the baby ninja for the entire weekend but my boss just called to tell me that they've changed their mind about going on a trip. They said that they're tired and are just going to go out for an extended date night instead. I don't blame them as I would most likely have a hard time leaving my 18 month old for two whole days unless it were absolutely necessary. But that does mean that I get paid for all day Friday even though I get the day off since he considers it a holiday.

I feel like my relationship with Matt is stronger than it has ever been right now. I love having our own place and getting to spend so much time just the two of us. I know that 2010 will be such an amazing year for both of us. Hopefully, Matt will just absolutely love UofA, I will get into the nursing program in May, and having paid down some of our debts, I'll be able to talk Matt into actively pursuing conception again. We have talked extensively about adopting through the foster care system,but I think we both agree that seems like something we'd like to do in a few years, after trying to have a biological child again first. The desire to be a mommy has to be the strongest emotion I've ever felt and I'm not all that particular on how I get there. It just gets harder and harder each month.

What is one thing you wish you would have done before having children?


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