Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The in-laws came yesterday. No where near as miserable as I thought it would be, but I was at school a big hunk of the time. I was nice and suggested breakfast this morning so I feel like I deserve a nice pat on the back. I got some new running shoes and a much needed comfier bed out of their visit. Now I miss my parents a whole bunch though and can't wait to go visit them.

I have a dentist appt. tomorrow and hopefully they can find a solution to my pain. The drugs are just making me so nauseous lately, even though I hadn't had a problem with them before.

Still down, but I did at least make an attempt to find an affordable doctor so that Matt and I can get the medication we need. Working out is really helping me. I decided to try the couch to 5k program and I am really enjoying it. It's already gotten to the point where it's not a chore to go out and walk/run so hopefully I can make it into a continuous habit. It's just the only time when my mind is seriously blank. The only thing my body can focus on is getting to the next marker I've set for myself. It's just a feeling I so rarely get since my mind is either racing or beating itself up depending on the day.

No idea how I did on my anatomy test, but I'm somewhat hopeful since I was only really unsure of 12 questions out of 85. It will be hard to make myself go tomorrow, especially if the dentist actually does anything to that bulge in my gum.

I just keep falling.


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